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Is it possible to make the Alps  climate-neutral and resilient by 2050? The Permanent Secretary of the Alpine Convention lays out concrete actions for the Alpine region to turn this objective reality in its new publication "Climate-Neutral and Climate-Resilient Alps 2050". The publication highlights three central policies, coming from the 25th Alpine Convention: The Declaration of Innsbruck, the Alpine Climate Target System 2050 and the 7th Report on the State of the Alps “Natural Hazard Risk Governance”.  The Alpine Climate Target System 2050, prepared by the Alpine Climate Board over the last two years, describes specific actions that must be taken under 12 different sectors to protect the Alps from climate change. The 7th Report on the State of the Alps describes the future for natural hazard risk governance. 

The Alpine Convention’s new publication calls for the Contracting Parties to prioritize climate change action and policies to preserve the Alps’ natural heritage. These targets showcase the Alps as being a model for international cooperation and its role in climate change adaptation and mitigation

The publication “Climate-Neutral and Climate-resilient Alps 2050" is available in English, French, Italian, German and Slovenian

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Sono aperte le iscrizioni per i documentari a Sondrio Festival 2019 – Mostra Internazionale dei Documentari sui Parchi (Sondrio, Italia, fra l’11 e il 24 novembre 2019, 33a edizione). Possono essere iscritti documentari realizzati nei Parchi Nazionali, Riserve Naturali e Aree Protette di tutto il mondo. I documentari selezionati concorrono all’assegnazione di: Primo Premio “Città di Sondrio (4.000 Euro), Premio “Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio” (3.000 Euro) e Premio “Regione Lombardia” (3.000 Euro) per i documentari girati all’interno dell’Unione Europea. Altri premi comprendono il Premio Giuria del Pubblico, il Premio Giuria degli Studenti ed il Premio Speciale “Renata Viviani” (1.500 Euro) assegnato da una giuria speciale di rappresentanti del CAI. Sono previste ulteriori sezioni fuori concorso per film che trattano l’ambiente, la sua conservazione, le attività umane, l’agricoltura e lo sviluppo sostenibile. La scadenza per l’iscrizione (gratuita) e l’invio dei documentari è il 20 maggio 2019. Il Festival è organizzato da ASSOMIDOP, associazione culturale fra Comune di Sondrio, Club Alpino Italiano, Consorzio BIM dell’Adda, Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio e Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi.  

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The international photography contest “Fotografare il Parco” is now open for its 13th edition. The contest, organized by the Stelvio, Gran Paradiso, Abruzzo-Lazio-Molise and Vanoise National Parks, is a must do for any photographer passionate about mountain wildlife. Although these national parks may seem far from each other, they are all connected through their beauty, natural landscapes, and biodiversity of plants and animals. Participating in this event is an opportunity to enhance these protected areas, since the winners’ photos will be used in the parks’ exhibitions, publications, websites and social networks. 

Participants can compete in four categories:  The Park Landscape, The Park Wildlife, The Park Microcosmos and natural details, and The Park Plant World. For each category, photographers can send up to four photos either in color or in black and white. Winners will be awarded a cash prize in addition to stays in the national parks and a subscription to the to the magazine “La Rivista della Natura”

Participation is free of charge and the contest will be open until September 30th, 2019. Participation rules can be found on the Fotografare il Parco website


QA Stelvio              QA Parco Abruzzo                   QA Gran Paradiso low                 Parc National de la Vanoise

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We are Alps compact 2019

Every year, the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention invites journalists on the We are Alps, a tour across the Alps to experience interesting initiatives in the Alps hands-on and meet various stakeholders, travelling with trains, buses and other sustainable means of transport. 
This year, the tour will take place as the “We are Alps Compact” edition, being held on Wednesday 3 April – Thursday 4 April simultaneously to the XV Alpine Conference and focussing on the topics of Climate Change, Natural Hazard and Governance. Excursions in and around Innsbruck (AT) will demonstrate how these three issues are approached, taking into account the particularities of the Alpine natural features. Furthermore, the participants will get the chance to converse with political representatives of the 8 Alpine Countries in the run-up to the XV Alpine Conference (taking place in the morning of 4 April) and participate in the closing Press Conference.

The call is open until Sunday, 10 March for interested journalists from all types of media, particularly from Alpine countries to apply for a place on the tour.

Further information and the application documents can be found on the Alpine Convention’s website.

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Awareness-raising and communication actions on human-nature conflicts in nature and mountain sports are growing throughout the Alpine region. To support nature conservation and to reduce the disturbance of wildlife by winter sports, flyers, web pages, videos, events and meetings have been developed in several Alpine protected areas under the umbrella of the international initiative “Be Part of the Mountain”. 

Some Protected Areas in the front line
This winter, the Vanoise National Park (France) has launched an awareness campaign on this subject, disseminating awareness messages and information on the needs of wildlife. Several communication tools have been produced with the slogan “Be Part of the Mountain” and a specific graphic design as well as t-shirts, stickers and flyers. The initiative is also supported by different local ambassadors from the field of sport for a wider dissemination of the campaign throughout the country.
In the Ecrins National Park (France) the rangers organize meetings, events, animations on the theme of winter wildlife disturbance and especially on the topic "traces and clues" for the general public including youngsters. The Park has been involved in this topic for several years with the “Chuut!” campaign.
In Italy, the Aree Protette dell’Ossola with CIPRA IT, also based on the BpM campaign, are developing several activities in the frame of the RESICETS project.The initiative involves several stakeholders of the tourism sector and aims at developing information paths for tourists, awareness-raising campaigns and training courses for local stakeholders on the impact of tourism on wildlife.

A common communication strategy: “Be Part of the Mountain”
The “Be part of the Mountain” initiative was launched by ALPARC in 2018. It is an Alps-wide communication campaign that allies protected areas, nature protection organisations, public bodies, Alpine clubs and ambassadors – across the Alps, aiming at facilitating the exchange of good practices, developing common awareness-raising tools and implementing joint communication action to initiate behavioural change in outdoor participants. The video presenting the campaign is available here. At present, 8 members have officially signed the charter and others have expressed their interest in joining the initiative.

Are you interested in the initiative? Join the BpM campaign and sign the charter!


For more information see: https://bepartofthemountain.org/en/


Further information about some initiatives in protected ares:

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European Day of Parks: Our Natural Treasures

Our Natural Treasures”: in 2019, the European Days of Parks is a call to reconnect with nature, to highlight the natural treasures that make our Protected Areas so special.
Europarc invites all European Protected Areas to organise events in and around the 24th May to jointly celebrate our natural treasures. There are promotional materials available in 30 languages. Events should be register here.
All information and promotional material available at: www.europarc.org/european-day-of-parks

ALPARC is currently carrying out the Destination Parks project, which aims to promote the exchange of Alpine park destinations on sustainable tourism and to develop a common positioning of these regions in Alpine tourism. In October and December, regional exchanges took place in three best practise regions: the Queyras Nature Park in the Southern French Alps, the Gesäuse National- and Nature Park Region in Styria and the Dobratsch Nature Park in Carinthia.
In France, in the Queyras, the participants exchanged notably on the development of sustainable products for park tourism and their marketing (target groups, nature-oriented activities and packages). The marketed tourism products are tightly linked to the natural and cultural heritage of the Queyras valley. The visits to the regions in Carinthia and Styria were successfully organized by ALPARC as a study trip: In the Gesäuse region, the exchange focused primarily on regional branding and cooperation (for whom, how and what). The presentation of the successful development of the "Gesäuse" brand by the regional tourism organisation made the exchange very concrete and the discussions highlighted important success factors. At the Dobratsch, Villach's local mountain in Carinthia, the participants were then given a lively demonstration of what the future of low altitude ski resorts in the Alps could look like. Since 2002, the local stakeholders have positioned the Nature Park as a sustainable nature showplace (NaturSchauPlatz) for everyone, whereby the tourism strategy is coupled with a holistic visitor guidance concept. As part of the "Magische Momente" (Magic Moments) campaign, nature-based tourism offers are cross-marketed in Carinthia's nature parks.
The exchanges in the three regions have provided the participants with many good examples of a more sustainable Alpine tourism. In all three regions, success factors for the cooperation between tourism organisations and protected area managements as well as for the development of partner programmes also came to light. The partner programmes in particular are extremely important for sustainable tourism and the valorisation of regional production, as they can promote ownership of the protected area idea among locals and visitors alike.
The project is carried out with support of the Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU, Switzerland).

Sunrise on a bright autumn day in a mountain nature reserve, somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Several chamois and ibex graze here and there in a pasture above the tree line.  Suddenly, there is a movement and a noise in the sky and all the animals are gone within seconds. What has happened? A small multicopter appears flying along the mountain ridge, probably to film the vertiginous view from the heights. 

Small flying devices, drones, equipped with high performance photo or video cameras as well as a lot of other technical equipment are more and more often seen in mountain areas, and therefore in the Alpine protected areas. Their presence can mean a great risk of disturbance to wildlife that needs to be taken into account and managed by those responsible for these conservation areas. On the other hand, the new and innovative technology offers a large variety of interesting tools and possibilities to facilitate the day-to-day work of protected areas managers when used in a responsible way.

An international ALPARC conference that took place the 26-27 March 2018 in Dobbiaco (I) was the opportunity to hear about current experiences with the new technology in Alpine protected areas. Indeed, several protected areas are already using drones for vegetation mapping, remote sensing activities, the development of 3D elevation modelling or technical interventions in inaccessible areas. An expert for a British research institute presented “guidelines of good practice of drone use” developed in an international context for another highly sensitive area, Antarctica.  Three round tables offered the possibility to exchange about prospects for the use of drones for conservation communication issues, to discuss the multiple legal situations in the Alpine countries and to imagine possible developments in drone robotics adapted to specific (research) needs in protected areas. Finally, the prospect of a common Alpine guideline on the use of drones in sensitive protected natural areas was discussed by the conference delegates.

Further information about this event and the presentations are available online:



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the delegates to the ALPARC conference on drones in protected areas watching a flying demonstration. Picture taken by a drone.

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Il reste encore des places disponibles dans le cadre du projet Youth Alpine Interrail, qui permet aux jeunes âgés entre 16 et 27 ans de voyager à travers les Alpes pendant l'été 2018 pour 50 euros seulement !

La participation de jeunes français est fortement encouragée !

L'inscription est possible en individuel ou en groupe, jusqu'à 4 personnes. Avec le passe, valable pendant un mois en Juillet et en Août 2018, chaque participant pourra réaliser jusqu’à 7 voyages par mois. C’est une opportunité unique de découvrir de manière soutenable, en train et à petit prix, tous les 8 pays alpins : Allemagne, Autriche, France, Italie, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovénie et Suisse !

Ce projet est le fruit de l’initiative de quelques jeunes de l’arc alpin, qui ont réussi à mobiliser différents acteurs pour permettre à d’autres jeunes de voyager à travers les Alpes plus facilement, par des moyens de transport durables et à tarif réduit (50 euros au lieu de 255). Avec ce projet, encore en phase d’expérimentation, on espère pérenniser ce type d’offre et inciter davantage des jeunes à découvrir la région.


Pour plus de détails voir : www.yoalin.org

Date limite d'inscription : le 30 mai 2018

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