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Guidelines on Wilderness and wild areas in Natura 2000
Natura 2000 protects areas of high biodiversity value across the European Union. It is the largest coordinated multi-national network of protected areas in the world, covering more than 18% of the European terrestrial territory of the Member States as well as significant marine areas. As establishment of Natura 2000 nears…
Natura 2000 in alpine region
Natura 2000 in the alpine region Natura 2000 in the alpine region Natura 2000 in the alpine region Official Publication of the European Communities, 2006, 12p.        
Dossier N°05 :Natura 2000: Protected areas and suggested sites
The Alpine Network of Protected Areas suggested a first inventory of Natura 2000 sites within the protected alpine areas or their vicinity.
Dossier N°13 : Natura 2000 and Emerald: Implementation in the Alps and the Carpathian – Situations and methods exchange between Alpine and Carpathian protected area managers
Contains the documents from the conference held in Neukirchen (Austria) in October 2004 on implementing Natura 2000 and the Emerald Network in the Alps and Carpathian mountains. The conference helped strengthen the partnerships developing between protected area managers in the Alps and Carpathians.