Youth at the Top 2020 - get together of young people from all over the Alps

Donnerstag, 16 Juli 2020

The 6th edition of the international event Youth at the Top takes place from July 16th– September 30th, 2020. It is organized through local events that take place simultaneously in different countries across the Alps and Carpathians. It has a highly symbolic dimension as hundreds of young people go out and experience nature on a specific day with the option of an overnight stay in the mountains. Some events especially in France, Austria and Italy have already been organised, some more events will take place in the weeks to come.

This project is a unique opportunity for youth to get in touch with mountains and nature in a creative and playful way at a local level: Drawing, building, playing theatre and experiencing the environment with all senses allow for discovery, adventure, self-centered learning and participative interaction. This way young people (re)discover nature and connect to their mountain heritage. At the same time, the international theme "Alpine Fauna and climate change" as well as tools like "The Alps in my Backpack" promote the international framing, helping youngsters to experience the dimension of mountain regions and their connectedness regardless of any national borders. At present around 30 events over the Alpine arc and Carpathians have been registered and will organise pedagogical activities around the common theme "alpine fauna and climate change". Protected areas, organizations, youth associations, local professionals, and refuges from all over the Alps and the Carpathians are invited to take part in this international event .

Youth at the Top is for all kinds of young people from 6 to 25 years old. Young people living in the Alpine and Carpathians valleys are highly encouraged to get involved. Due to the Corona crisis, the project will take place on a longer time period, from July 16th until September 30ht,allowing all local organisation to respect national sanitary requirements.

The project is financed by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), the Principality of Monaco and the French Agency for Territorial Cohesian (ANCT).

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