Permanent Working Group on Education for Sustainable Development in the Alps

Giovedì, 11 Febbraio 2021

Education for sustainable development plays a key role in protected areas: Children, young people, and adults are informed, sensitized and mobilized by numerous educational activities. As part of the working group led by ALPARC, a first online exchange was organized last November. The aim of the workshop was to present the innovative approaches taken by the staff responsible for educational activities despite this year's strict health regulations.

The Nature Park Nagelfluhkette presented the park's digital nature school concept. Via short videos made by the park rangers themselves this additional tool enables the park to maintain contact with schools and teachers. The National Park Kalkalpen presented its approach on organizing activities by applying health recommendations, which allowed to continue offering educational activities and guided field trips, but also to promote the central aspect of participation. The National Park Berchtesgaden took advantage of the period of restrictions to test a "mobile education” concept, with the installation of different theme stands in different areas of the park according to visitor flows. In addition, the annual "Youth at the Top" event organized by the ALPARC working group took place this year despite the unfavorable conditions and was a great success among the young participants. These examples show that many creative ways of implementing educational activities have been found and remote and on-site activities have taken place all over the Alpine arc.

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