Links4Soils summer school

0, 10.06.2019
  • Date 10-14/06/2019
  • Place Pokljuka Plateau, Triglav National Park
  • Country Slovenia
  • Organisation Department for agricultural ecology and natural resources

The Links4Soils summer school will take place from June 10th of June to 14th 2019 on the Pokljuka Plateau, a part of the Triglav National Park in Slovenia (TNP) biosphere reserve.
Five exciting days of an interactive program with creative and inspiring minds on the Pokljuka plateau, Slovenia!

Members of the high school students in the alpine region are invited to join and learn about soils, how soil is vital for humans, nature, environment and entire life in terrestrial ecosystems. Soils, soil diversity, soil ecosystem services and protection are main topics that will be presented to the youth interestingly and understandably. Groups of five to six students with a school mentor will be hosted by the local organisers (the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and the Slovenian Forest Service) and coached by an international group of professors of soil science and experts – Links4Soils project partners. Accommodation of participants (students and accompanying teachers, soil experts of international reputation as well as researchers from institutes and universities the school mentors) and meals will be arranged with the kind assistance of the TNP and the Slovenian Ministry of Defence.

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