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Il trofeo delle aree prottete alpine

The Ranger Seminar 2025 has the following focus:

Nothing is more constant than change
Change from the perspective of rangers and scientists

Parks and their environments change over time. Be it landscapes, habitats or flora and fauna, be it policies, infrastructure and working methods, or be it the composition and views of park visitors.
How do rangers and researchers perceive these changes? Do their observations or findings agree, and what are the implications for operations and management?

We look forward to exciting contributions from the different Alpine protected areas! 


Ranger Seminar during the last Memorial Danilo Re, Kalkalpen National Park 

© S. Weizenegger, ALPARC

FaLang translation system by Faboba

Su Danilo Re

Il "Memorial Danilo Re"  é dedicato ad un guradiaparco della provincia di Cuneo (Piemonte, Italia) morto nell'esercizio delle sue funzioni nel 1995.

Da diversi anni, è un'occasione di incontro tra gli addetti delle aree protette.

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