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© Schweizerischer Nationalpark / Hans Lozza
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© Schweizerischer Nationalpark / Hans Lozza
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© Schweizerischer Nationalpark / Hans Lozza
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© Schweizerischer Nationalpark / Hans Lozza

Il trofeo delle aree prottete alpine

The Swiss National Park encompasses a particularly impressive piece of Alpine landscape with a wealth of flora and fauna. Within its boundaries nature is left to develop freely. Founded in 1914, it is the oldest national park in the Alps and central Europe. Together with the Regional Nature Park Biosfera Val Müstair, the Swiss National Park now forms a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Wilderness has been the hallmark of the Swiss National Park since its creation. As an internationally recognised wilderness area, the park meets the strictest standards for protected areas (category 1a according to IUCN). Thanks to its size and altitude, ranging from 1400 to 3174 metres above sea level, it is home to a rich and unique flora and fauna. Particularly popular are the large birds such as the bearded vulture and the golden eagle, as well as the deer, chamois and ibex, which are particularly easy to observe in the protected area. 

There are no settlements in the Swiss National Park. Access to the reserve is forbidden in winter. The Danilo Re 2025 venues are located in the immediate surroundings of the National Park, at its northern end.

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Su Danilo Re

Il "Memorial Danilo Re"  é dedicato ad un guradiaparco della provincia di Cuneo (Piemonte, Italia) morto nell'esercizio delle sue funzioni nel 1995.

Da diversi anni, è un'occasione di incontro tra gli addetti delle aree protette.

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